Travels Across The Female Form Exhibition

Travels Across The Female Form

Like many creatives, when asked about the actual the birth of a project it can be difficult to pin point exactly when it all began. There’s the a germ of an idea, a fleeting notion – a shadow caught on the periphery of your vision – that over time gradually moved into focus.

Well that’s how it was for me.

Travels Across The Female Form is still in the evolutionary process, simply because as I photograph portraits – my day job is you like, as a professional photographer – light will catch a model, shadows will form then vanish. And I am left with the imprint of an image in my mind, I am driven to try and capture in the flesh.

Because the body is a world of its own: a landscape of plains and terrains, suggesting texture and filled with disorientating detail.

My intention is to repeatedly ask the viewer the question ‘what is this’?

I want the viewer to look, then look again: hopefully sharing what I saw when I combined technical ability with creative persistence to capture that fleering shadow or secret terrain. The objective is to look at the body in a different way: free from the big picture, to hone in on detail, focus on contours and shadows, to allow your imagination to roam free.

Art is subjective, that’s a fact. When I look at an abstract image I like to think I can see some kind of shape or form within it that gives me a clue to its intention. On the other hand another person may well look at the same piece and see something completely different or alternatively, see nothing at all.

With Travels Across The Female Form this is exactly what I have in mind. I want to challenge perception and provoke debate. Even argue with me and each other – do you see what I see? Am I wrong and you right?

Either way, here is my body of work. I hope you enjoy your journey through it.

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