Fashion Photography Photo Retouching Tutorial

In this short video I take you through the steps of a fashion photography photo retouching tutorial that takes you step by step through my retouching process. It’s an easy to follow tutorial with a befoer and after shot showing you the difference the changes make.

The retouching takes the photograph from a nice pleasant image to a high fashion editorial style image. It doen’t take long and goes through some of the fundamentals of fashion retouching.

The whole point of retouching photographs is to enhance their appreance rather than change them fundamentally. There is a difference when compositing a photo where the intention is to pull together a series of images to create a single image that the photographer see’s in his mind but couldn’t through various reasons take the photograph complete in their minds eye.

When shooting a fashion editorial image like the one above the idea when retouching is to enhance the image by gently adjusting the shape of the clothes, perhaps smoothing the skin tones and adding a three dimensional feel to the shot. by adding shadows and bumping highlights.

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I always think it’s best to take an individual view to each and every image I retouch. It’s tempting to use filters and presets straight from your library but, try to train your eye to view each image as a stand alone image that requires individual retouching. A fashion photography photo retouching tutorial should encourage photographers to stay away from the generic retouching you’ll get with off-the-shelf  products.

Thwe only time I would say treat an image similar to another one is when you have been shooting a series of images that are meant to work together such as an editorial spread where you need tos upply eight or nine images that work consistently across several magazine pages.

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