Beautiful Body Scape Photography

I had a really successful exhibition a couple of years ago called ‘Ambiguous Misdirection’ of fine art nudes. A style that is often referred to as Body Scape Photography.

The way I interpret this kind photography is to use shape and form couple with light and dark see something – a shape or a texture that wouldn’t normally be visible without careful use of these elements. Body Scape is about the use of  the human body to try and creat the feel of a beautiful landscape. It is about using light and shadow to as a way of confusing the eye of the vieweer to see something that may or may not be there.

I took great delight at my exhibitions when I would observe people disagreeing with each other as to what they saw within the photograph. this was exactly what I intended to acheive and the answer is that nobody was right and neither was wrong either. As a photographer sometimes we are pictorialists and other times we are documentariens. Other times we can let go and be free as an artist. Creativity must be allowed to flow and should be encouraged whether we express it as a photographer, musician, writer or performer. It is a wondeful feeling being able to express yourself and I encourage everyone to make the mind shift into a creative photographer – it can produce wonderful results for the mind, the body and the spirit.

I hope you enjoy the short video.  If you’d like to see more visit Ambiguous Misdirection  and please leave a comment below.


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